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Kinder Bueno had to reinforce his distinctiveness by dramatizing its unique product experience and emotional involvement in a relevant way via a unique brand idea and creative platform, given that the Brand was actually on air with several commercials all over the world.

This was our journey across key European Countries: Italy, France and Germany. Turin, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan in locations like colleges, bars and pubs, discos, ho.re.ca., malls, dress shops, boutiques, gyms, parks, hauses, parties, social and public events.

Our audience: fashionable and health-aware groups of young women, 20-30, single or married, students or working, living in middle to upper social class; needs from category: fitness, fun, treat, making special moment, reward, cheer up, follow fashion and trends.

This journey take out a creative strategy for an international pitch.

Don't be the product, buy the product!