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"I haven't find myself yet, but I'm on my way and I want to experience so much"


In Germany girls are prompt ready  to their emotional abandon flow and they are ready to catch the moment whenever it happens.

They are very straight and honest to theirselves: they have studied to reach their indipendence and they know that career is close to their possibility and that can free them. 

Nonetheless they know that real values are other ones: they turns grey when it comes to love, boyfriends and happiness



Lotto was an ancient Italian legacy, somewhat cultural and family money for Lottomatica, the main player in the business in Italy. 

Lotto is facing nowadays outgrowing messes: young people is not enjoying his traditional rules anymore. There are other games more  on the spot, shimmering with higher jackpots. 

So we decided to start a deep journey into rituals, social nuances,  techniques, superstitions, Smorfia’s symbols all along our Country, from south to north, from Naples, to Roma, Bologna and finally Venice.

We delivered a cool photographic 90 pages bind book, with introduction by Saatchi&Saatchi Planning Director Guido Mercati and a 6 art directors team. 

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A journey in Italian 20 to 30 y.o. singles’ every day life.

At home and at the supermarket: we spent one week poking around boys and girls’s pantries and trolleys, shopping in the main Italian cities: Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples. 

We presented datas, insight and a video at a Saatchi&Saatchi X large-scale retail trade conference in Milan.

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